About Our Founder


Les Bryson

Les is passionate about helping people. He volunteers his time with various non-profit groups across Houston, including coaching his sons' soccer team. He also loves to help businesses save money in any way he can.

After graduating from Rice University with a B.S. in Chemistry and spending a few years in the laboratory, Les took an opportunity to go from conducting R&D to helping companies capitalize on their R&D. As a consultant over the last 12 years, Les has led the R&D department at a national tax advisory firm, assisted companies in capturing nearly $500mm in tax credits and incentives, and served companies of all sizes.  His work quickly branched off from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, wine/beer/spirits, food, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, software, technology, architecture, engineering, defense contracting, and more. He learned to identify the potential for R&D in industries of all types and how to document and substantiate it to put the client in the best position possible.

Accordingly, Les approaches his consulting practice with the mindset of both a trusted advisor and a scientist, one of client-focused service and data-driven results.