According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Agriculture, Mining, and Farming sectors of employment have grown over the past decade.  What's more, thanks to our Nation's reliance on these sectors for food, energy, and raw materials for our gadgets, they are projected to continue that growth in the years to come.  With this growth in personnel and the need for innovation to stay competitive, businesses both large and small are able to take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit.  

Some examples of qualified activities include:

  • Experimentation with New Methodology to Improve Yields;
  • Development of Pest, Disease, and Climate Resistant Strains;
  • Implementation of Lighting and Irrigation Systems;
  • Genetic Research & Modification; and
  • Design and Development of New Equipment or Processes.

Industry Case Studies

Agricultural Cooperative


Revenue: $175mm

Credit: $72k

Qualifying Activities: Designing New Irrigation Systems, Genetic Experimentation for Disease & Climate Resistance

Qualifying Personnel: Agronomists, Lab Personnel, Engineers

Mining Equipment Company


Revenue: $100mm

Credit: $100k

Qualifying Activities: Engineering, Design, and Development of New Products, Prototyping and Testing 

Qualifying Personnel: Engineers, Fabricators, Draftsmen, Quality Personnel

Poultry Farm


Revenue: $40mm

Credit: $40k

Qualifying Activities: Feed Formulation Development and Trials, Automation Design and Testing, Lab Method Development

Qualifying Personnel: Operations Mgr., Lab Mgr., Lab Techs, Maintenance Mgrs.